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Video includes skills such as: glass walking, fire eating, fire dancing, hoop dance, fire breathing, and the human block head.


Looking for something fun and edgy for your unconventional convention? Look no further.

Stage Shows for Festivals, Galas and more

Magician and Sideshow Stunt Girl Carisa Hendrix is an Award Winning Entertainer featured in the Guinness Book of World Records (2014 Book, Page 86), Ripley’s Believe it or Not (2015 Book) and on Travel Channel’s Vegas Strip Search.

The Comedy Stunt Show

Bring the thrill of the classic sideshow to your event with the odd and amazing acts of this darling little sideshow stunt girl.

Show type: Comedy, Circus, Sideshow, Fire, Magic and lots of Sass

Perfect for: Bars, Breweries, Dinner Shows, Festivals and Carnival Halloween, Vaudeville or Circus Themed Events


  • Costumes to Fit Your Theme
  • Solo & Troop Performances
  • Quick Sets & Full Shows
  • Roving Acts to Set the Mood
  • World Record Holder


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Reviews & Testimonials

“A wonderful part of our wedding memories”Analisa Cole, 2011

“You won’t look away”Shaw TV 2010

"Thank you so much! You were a life saver"Penny Lee, Bride